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I can't see anything when I click on the Calculator tab. What's wrong?
The My Kitchen Calculator online conversion tool runs using Javascript. Javascript must be enabled on the browser in order to use this tool. The calculator tool is supported by most browers, but is best if viewed with Firefox or Chrome. Updating the browser to the latest version may also help.
How do I switch between different types of unit conversions?
To switch between different types of unit conversions, press the corresponding tab at the top of the Kitchen Calculator tool. You can switch between volume, weight, length, time, and temperature measurements.
What is the Conversion Pad area?
The Conversion Pad area will show a list of the latest conversions that were made using the Kitchen Calculator tool. The conversion pad area will allow you to edit or copy and paste elements into and from the text area. You can also print the conversion pad area by pressing the "Print Pad" button.
Why does the Kitchen Calculator round off numbers?
My Kitchen Calculator rounds off numbers to maintain simplicity.
Are the conversions or calculations from the Kitchen Calculator exact?
No. The Kitchen Calculator tool was designed as a general purpose tool for use with cooking or baking. Although the tool is designed to output close to accurate values, the conversions and calculations should be considered approximate.
What are the US and UK values listed in the volume conversion tab?
US measurements are based on the NIST rounded values for measuring cups and measuring spoons. UK measurements are based on the imperial (United Kingdom) values for measuring cups and measuring spoons. US volume measurements have slightly different values compared to imperial measurements.
Why am I limited to values of 0 to 1,000,000?
For most general purpose cooking and baking, values beyond 1,000,000 may not be needed.
Why do I get the following error message, "Please enter a number between 0 and 1,000,000"?
The My Kitchen Calculator tool is expecting a positive number to be placed in the start value box. If a letter, negative number, or number greater than 1,000,000 is entered, an error occurs. For the temperature unit converter, the value must be between -1,000 and 1,000.
What's the best way to use the Kitchen Calculator tool?
The best way to use the Kitchen Calculator tool is to start with a recipe you would like to convert. If you need to portion the recipe, use the recipe converter tool to get the scaled quantities. After you have the scaled quantities, you can convert the units in the recipe to the units of measure you have available to you using the kitchen calculator.

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