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I can't see anything when I click on the recipe converter tab. What's wrong?
The My Kitchen Calculator online conversion tools run using Javascript. Javascript must be enabled on the browser in order to use these tools. The recipe converter tool is supported by most browers, but is best if viewed with Firefox or Chrome. Updating the browser to the latest version may also help.
Why doesn't the recipe converter convert my recipe properly?
The recipe converter tool only converts numbers that are placed at the beginning of the ingredient line. If there are any characters or symbols at the beginning of a line, such as bullets or extra spaces, the number in the line will not convert. Also, each ingredient line must be on it's own line, which can be achieved by pressing enter after each ingredient line. Most recipes format their ingredients section so that they are in standard ingredient format.
What is standard ingredient format?
Standard ingredient format refers to the way a majority of recipes will display their ingredients section. In general, almost all recipes will have an ingredient section that will list each ingredient by the quantity of the ingredient, followed by the unit measure of the ingredient, followed by the name of the ingredient. This is the standard ingredient format.

Example: 1 Cup Sugar ("1" is the quantity, "Cup" is the unit measure, "Sugar" is the ingredient name.)
When I press the portion button, the multiply button, or the divide button, nothing happens. What's wrong?
There may be an invalid value in the original/desired size text boxes or the multiplier text box. Please be sure to input positive numerical values.
What does convert by portion do?
Convert by portion helps to scale the recipe based on the original yield or serving size of the recipe and the desired yield or serving size that you want. For example, if the original recipe serves 10 people, and you want to convert the recipe for 2 people, the recipe converter will divide the recipe ingredients by 5.
What does convert by multiplier do?
Convert by multiplier will multiply or divide the ingredient quantities by a multiplication or division factor. For example, if you want to multiply the recipe ingredients by 5, enter 5 in the multiplier text box and press the multiply button. Any numbers listed at the beginning of the ingredient line will be multiplied by 5.
What is the convert to nearest cooking fraction check box for?
When the check box is checked, the recipe converter is able to round decimal numbers to the nearest cooking fractions and display them as fractions in the converted recipe area. Please note that using this type of conversion is not as accurate as the decimal conversion, but allows for easier measurement when using measuring cups and spoons.
What is a cooking fraction?
A cooking fractions is a fraction that is commonly found with many cooking measurement tools such as measuring cups and spoons. The following are the common fractions the recipe converter uses: 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4. *Note: If a decimal value is greater than 0 and less than 1/8, the cooking fraction will be rounded to 1/8.
What can I use the recipe converter for?
The recipe converter is used to find out how much of each ingredient you will need to serve a certain amount of people. This is especially helpful for generating a grocery list. Most recipes are written with an ingredient section that only serves a certain amount of people. If you want to make more or less, the recipe converter helps to scale the recipe ingredient quantities.
Why can't all the numbers in the ingredient line be converted?
Unfortunately, different recipes may vary and some numbers in the ingredient line are not meant to be converted. For this purpose, only numbers placed at the beginning of each line will be converted. If you wish to convert other numbers in the document, you can use the "##" operator (see How-To section for details). Be sure to check the conversion for correctness after it has been converted if other numbers appear in the ingredient lines.

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