How to convert a recipe.

(Multiplying, dividing, scaling, or portioning a recipe)

Converting recipes can always be a daunting task. Often times, it starts when you find a recipe you like, but it's not in the correct portion you need, or you may not have the correct measuring tools to do the job.

The result? Blankly staring at a sheet of paper trying to figure out how to convert the recipe to fit your needs. So maybe you'll start by taking out your calculator and dividing or multiplying the recipe. Most likely you'll end up with something like 1.74 cups of flour or 2.6 tablespoons of sugar.

Next you'd probably go online to search for some kind of conversion tool to find out what 2.6 tablespoons of sugar even means, or how you can measure it. Or maybe you'd even go as far as searching for a special calculator you can buy to help you do the math. By the end of all this, you're probably wondering if you did all the math correctly, so you try out the newly converted recipe and cross your fingers hoping it will turn out.

Sound familiar? That's where comes in. Within a few minutes, or even seconds, you can quickly and easily convert recipes. Just follow the simple steps below!

Steps to convert a recipe

  1. Find a recipe that you would like to convert. Recipes can be found by searching online, going to your favorite food blogs, or going to recipe websites such as,,,, etc. You can also find recipes in many magazines and cookbooks.

  2. If using a recipe from a food blog, recipe website, or other electronic method, copy the ingredients section of the recipe and paste it into the recipe converter tool. If your recipe is from a cookbook or magazine, simply type the information into the ingredient list section of the tool.
    Note: The copy and paste feature may not work for certain websites, web browsers, or devices depending on how the web page is formatted, or if the web browser and device support the copy and paste feature. If the copy and paste feature does not work, you can still manually type in or edit the ingredient list.
    Image of copying a recipe and pasting into the recipe converter
  3. If necessary, edit each line so that it is in standard recipe format: Each line should begin with the quantity, followed by the unit measure, followed by the ingredient name. Image of an ingredient line in standard
                                    recipe format
  4. Choose whether you want to multiply the recipe, divide the recipe, or scale it by yield or serving size. Conversion type image
  5. Press the multiply, divide, or portion button and the recipe converter tool will convert the first quantity/number at the beginning of each ingredient line and display the converted list in the converted recipe section.
    Note: To tell the converter to convert other numbers on the ingredient line, use the ## operator.
    Image of converted recipe
  6. After the recipe is converted, the converted recipe can be edited and printed so that you can start making the recipe. You can also use the converted ingredient list as a shopping list.
  7. Whether your recipes come from a food blog, recipe website, book, or magazine, the recipe converter makes it quick and easy to multiply, divide, scale, or portion your recipes.

    You can also use the kitchen calculator tool to convert between different measurement units such as cups, spoons, quarts, or pints if needed.

    Note: Due to the nature of recipe conversions, you may need to adjust the recipe instructions, cooking times, and equipment accordingly to suit the needs of the recipe.